The Ancient Drawing Medium of Silverpoint in Contemporary Art

How is the ancient drawing medium of silverpoint used in today's contemporary art? In this episode of Art Materials Advisor, George O’Hanlon and Tatiana Zaytseva, interview four artists and their use of silverpoint in their artwork: Koo Schadler, Lauren Redding, Erin Kono, and Michael Paul. Learn all about these artists and how they created the remarkable artwork they’ve achieved with the ancient drawing medium of silverpoint.

Complete Artist Interviews

Watch the complete interview with each artist: Koo Schadler, Lauren Redding, Michael Paul, and Erin Kono. Visit their websites by clicking on their names below each interview.

Silverpoint Kits

For more great information on silverpoint, please see the book: SILVERPOINT AND METALPOINT DRAWING: A Complete Guide to the Medium