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Welcome to a revolution in the art supplies market, where the unique allure of history meets the pinnacle of artistic excellence. Natural Pigments invites retailers and resellers to differentiate their offerings with a line of artist materials that transcends the ordinary. Introducing the exceptional Rublev Colours—a testament to our dedication to reviving the unmatched techniques and sublime beauty of the old masters' palette.

Crafted for Discerning Artists

Natural Pigments stands apart as a beacon of quality in the professional artists' materials space. Since our inception in 2003, our journey has been fueled by a passion to bring back the rare, historical pigments and art materials that once colored the works of the greatest artists in history. Our Rublev Colours brand is not just another range of artist paints; it's a bridge to the past, offering artists today the pigments that illuminated the Renaissance.

The Rublev Colours Difference

Rublev Colours are a testament to our philosophy that art should not compromise. Unlike commercial oil colors, Rublev Colours are crafted without additives, relying solely on the natural

beauty and historical authenticity of their components. This commitment ensures each tube of Rublev Colour Artist Oils, Watercolors, and Ceracolors waterborne cold wax paint carries the legacy of the old masters into the hands of contemporary artists.

Genuine Pigments for Genuine Beauty

Each pigment in the Rublev Colours line is selected for its unique characteristics—transparency, opacity, consistency, tone, and hue—bringing a level of authenticity and quality unmatched by modern synthetic offerings. From the radiant transparency of yellow ocher to the pale coolness of green earth and the crystalline glitter of blue lazurite, Rublev Colours revive the sublime beauty and textured finishes that characterized the greatest artworks of the past.

Artistry, Particle by Particle

Our natural pigments, with their larger and more varied particles, recreate the luminous surfaces and broken lights of historical masterpieces. The absence of fillers, driers, and stabilizers means that what you find in each tube is a pure, unadulterated expression of color, offering artists unparalleled texture and finish.

Crafted with Unrivaled Care

Meticulously produced in small batches, Rublev Colours undergo a rigorous selection, preparation, and grinding process to preserve each pigment's natural qualities. This labor-intensive process, eschewing modern shortcuts and stabilizers, ensures each color's body, consistency, and tinting strength are optimal for creating enduring art.

A Palette of Pure, Single Pigment Colors

With Rublev Colours, artists receive exactly what they see on the label: pure, unadulterated pigment. From the pure mercuric sulfide of our Vermilion to the genuine green earth of our Verona Green Earth, each Rublev Colour offers an extraordinary range of tinting strength, opacity, transparency, and texture—uncompromised and genuine.

Why Offer Natural Pigments in Your Store?

Stand Apart in a Saturated Market

Offering Rublev Colours positions your store as a destination for discerning artists seeking authenticity and quality beyond the mass-produced. In a world where big box stores and online resellers flood the market with generic brands, your commitment to providing Rublev Colours by Natural Pigments sets you apart as a purveyor of exclusive, high-quality artist materials.

Attract a Dedicated Clientele

The unique appeal of Rublev Colours attracts professional artists, conservators, and enthusiasts who demand the best. By catering to this discerning demographic, you'll build a loyal customer base that values quality and authenticity, ensuring repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Embrace the Renaissance of Artistic Excellence

Join us in bringing the revered techniques and sublime beauty of the past into the contemporary artistic landscape. Offering Rublev Colours by Natural Pigments in your store is not just a business decision—it's a commitment to upholding the traditions and quality that the art world cherishes.

Elevate your offerings and distinguish your store with the unparalleled quality of Rublev Colours. Welcome to Natural Pigments, where history, quality, and artistry meet.

Introducing the 2024 Price Guide

Get the 2024 Price Guide

The 2024 Price Guide to Natural Pigments products is now here. This 13-page guide contains the latest terms and conditions for selling Natural Pigments products and prices for all our brands: Aurum, Ceracolors, Natural Pigments, and Rublev Colours. Download the guide today.

What's New This Year

Titanium White Alkyd Ground

Rublev Colours is known for its lead white oil and alkyd grounds. Now, artists can enjoy the unique absorbency of these grounds without lead white—and it's safe to sand. Rublev Colours Alkyd Grounds are ideally suited for priming ACM panels.

Ceracolors Cold Wax Paints

New paint sets and small (15 ml) tubes of Ceracolors are now available. Small tubes are ideal for watercolor artists interested in exploring this new medium in their watercolor paintings.


The widest array of metal points, including Sterling Silver, Copper, Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, and Nickel-Silverpoint, in two diameters.

Pigment Concentrates

An expanded range of Rublev Colours Aqueous Pigment Dispersions are now available in 2-fluid-ounce squeeze bottles with snap-on lids.

Paint Making Tools

Exclusive by Rublev Colours is a series of six handmade glass mullers for paint making.

Credit Cards

For payments by credit card, a 3% convenience fee will be charged on the total amount of the invoice.

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