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Wide variety of pigments ideal for casein paint

Rublev Colours Pyrrole Red PigmentRublev Colours Pyrrole Red Pigment
Rublev Colours Pyrrole Red Pigment

Discover our exclusive range of high-quality pigments perfect for artists and paint makers working in casein paint. Natural Pigments offers durable, lightfast pigments for creating vivid, lasting artworks.

All pigments in this category can be used with casein paint except for casein paint formulations containing lime or soda ash with high pH. For those types of casein paint, please see the range of pigments under Fresco and Concrete Pigments.

Rublev Colours dry powder and aqueous dispersion pigments are made by Natural Pigments. Please read our description of Rublev Colours Pigments for more information. For information about the permanence and composition of Rublev Colours Pigments, visit Pigments Composition and Permanence.

Visit our Swatch and Pigment guide for details on Rublev Colours Pigments images and where to find pigment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of casein paint?

Casein paint, while prized for its durability and matte finish, can have some drawbacks. It dries quickly, which might limit blending time. Additionally, it's not as flexible as some synthetic paints, making it less suitable for certain substrates that are flexible such as stretched canvas.

Can you paint watercolor over casein?

Yes, watercolor can be applied over casein due to casein's absorbent surface once dry. Initially, casein is workable, but as time passes, it becomes more resistant to water, which prevents it from lifting while applying watercolor paint over it. This allows for unique layering effects in mixed-media artwork.

Can casein paint be reactivated with water?

Once casein paint has dried, it becomes water-resistant and cannot be easily reactivated with water like watercolors. This property allows for overpainting without disturbing the underlying layer.

Is casein paint toxic?

Casein paint is made from milk proteins and is generally considered non-toxic, making it a safe choice for artists who prefer to avoid the fumes and health risks associated with some other types of paint.

Can you mix casein with oil paint?

Mixing casein with oil paint directly is not recommended due to differences in drying times and compatibility. However, casein can be used as an underpainting for oil paints, provided the casein layer is fully dry. Bodied oil and resin can be added to create oil-in-water emulsions with casein that can also be used in underpaintings.

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