Featured Artist: Lala Ragimov

We feature works by contemporary masters who use colors supplied by Natural Pigments.

The art of Lala Ragimov is inspired by the beauty and sensuality of her subjects, that range from great opera voices to nudes and fruit. The artist was born in Moscow. In childhood, she studied art from the works of great painters in museums and from books and nature. Through art school and after graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree from California State University Long Beach, she has continually researched the techniques of Flemish Baroque and Venetian Renaissance painters through conservation journals and restoration papers. She is dedicated to using those techniques, materials, and ideals in her work.

Lala used the following colors on her palette: lead white, lazurite (lapis lazuli), azurite, glauconite (Baltic green earth), verdigris, lead-tin yellow (Type I), madder lake, vermilion, and willow charcoal.

To see more of Lala's work, please visit her website: lalaragimov.com.