Ultramarine Violet Pigment

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Rublev Colours Ultramarine Violet pigment offers a unique violet shade that is very clean, bright, and excellent ability to whites “whiter.” It is semi-transparent and can be used in cosmetics applications. Learn more about Ultramarine Violet.

Rublev Colours Ultramarine Violet pigment offers a unique violet shade that is very clean and bright and can make whites “whiter.” It is semi-transparent to visible light and transparent to Near Infrared (NIR); hence, it is a “cool” pigment, but its cool performance highly depends on the substrate and type of paint. This pigment can be used in cosmetics applications.

Pigment Nomenclature
Common NameMineral NameChemical NameSource/Origin
Ultramarine violetNoneSodium Aluminum SulfosilicateUnited States


Ultramarine Violet is a synthetic inorganic pigment composed of a complex silicate of sodium and aluminum with sulfur or sodium aluminum sulfosilicate. Ultramarine violet is made using the same process as ultramarine blue but is mixed with ammonium chloride, heated to 200–250° C., and exposed to air for four days until the violet color develops. Other methods are also used to produce ultramarine violet.

Permanence and Compatibility

Ultramarine violet is a synthetic violet pigment rated by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM International) as lightfastness category I, which is the highest lightfastness. It is compatible with all pigments and resists alkalis but has poor acid resistance. Like ultramarine blue, it should not be used in acidic environments like outdoors.

Oil Absorption and Grinding

Ultramarine violet absorbs a moderate amount of oil (34 to 37 grams per 100 grams of pigment), slow oil paint drying, and is a moderate-drying oil color. It disperses well in oil- and water-based paints and is easy to mull into a smooth paste by hand.


Ultramarine violet is not considered toxic, but care should be taken when handling the dry powder pigment to avoid inhaling respirable dust particles. This is an FDA-compliant product recommended for food-contact products in Northern America. The pigment complies with the purity requirements in 21 CFR 73.2725.

Pigment Information
Colour Index:Pigment Violet 15 (77007)
Chemical Name:Sodium Aluminum Sulfosilicate
Chemical Formula:Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2
ASTM Lightfastness Rating
Specific Gravity:2.35
Oil Absorption:34–37 grams oil / 100 grams pigment
Particle Size D90:≤ 4 micron
Particle Size D100:≤ 44 micron
Tap Density:0.50–0.55 g/cc
Free Sulphur (maximum):0.01% by weight
Soluble Salts:0.7% by weight
Moisture Content:0.05% by weight
More Information
BrandRublev Colours
VendorRublev Colours
Processing TimeUsually ships the next business day.
Pigment TypeInorganic, Synthetic

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Ultramarine Violet Pigment
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