Lazurite (Lapis Lazuli) Watercolor Paint

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Lazurite is an intense deep blue color from the precious lapis lazuli stones used in historical painting. It is a semi-transparent, medium grained color with moderate tinting strength.

Rublev Colours Lazurite is an intense deep blue color from the precious lapis lazuli stones used in historical paintings. It is a semi-transparent, medium-grained color with good tinting strength.

Lapis lazuli, or lapis for short, is mostly lazurite but commonly contains pyrite, calcite, and other minerals. The name lazurite means "blue rock" and is always a brilliant blue with violet or greenish tints. Small pyrite crystals are always present in lapis, and their golden yellow color distinguishes lapis from a similar mineral, sodalite, and the synthetic pigment, ultramarine. The golden impregnations of pyrite create the impression of stars in a dark blue sky.

Rublev Colours Lazurite (lapis lazuli) Watercolor

Composition and Permanence

Binder:Gum Arabic
Pigment Information
Pigment:Lazurite (Lapis Lazuli)
Pigment Classification:Natural inorganic
Colour Index:Pigment Blue 29 (77007)
Chemical Name:Sodium calcium aluminum silicate sulfate
Chemical Formula:(Na, Ca)8Al6Si6O24(S, SO4)
CAS No.57455-37-5
Tinting Strength:Moderate
Safety Information:Based on toxicological review, there are no acute or known chronic health hazards with the anticipated use of this product. Always protect yourself against potentially unknown chronic hazards of this and other chemical products by avoiding ingestion, excessive skin contact, and inhalation of spraying mists, sanding dust, and concentrated vapors. Contact us for further information or consult the MSDS for more information.

For a detailed explanation of the terms in the table above, please visit Composition and Permanence.


Note: Some separation of pigment and medium may occur in Rublev Colours Watercolors and is a natural process when no stabilizers are added to paint to prevent this from occurring.

More Information
BrandRublev Colours
VendorRublev Colours
Processing TimeUsually ships the next business day.
Pigment TypeInorganic, Historical, Natural

Hazard Identification

Classification according to EC Regulation 1272/2008: This product is not classified as hazardous according to the CLP/GHS Directive.

Classification according to EC Regulation No. 67/548 or No. 1999/45: The material is not subject to classification according to EC lists. This product does not require classification and labeling as hazardous according to CLP/GHS.

Safety Designation

P280 Wear protective gloves/ clothing/ eye/ face protection.

P281 Use personal protective equipment as required.

P501 Dispose of contents/ container according to regional, national and international regulations.

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Lazurite (Lapis Lazuli) Watercolor Paint
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