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Roger de Pile

The Rublev Colours Roger de Piles Flesh Tone Palette provides the authentic colors described in the palette of Jombert’s edition of Roger de Piles (pronounced "day peel") treatise on painting, Les Eleméns de la Peinture Pratique. In his 1684 palette of eight principal colors, Roger de Piles arranged them along the top edge, placing the lightest colors nearest the thumbhole on the wooden palette and arranging tints in rows below.

The Roger de Piles Flesh Tone Palette includes the colors used to make the flesh tints described in his treatise—one full-sized tube each of eight colors: Lead White; Lemon Ocher for yellow ocher; Venetian Red for brown red; Alizarin Crimson for lake; Italian Sienna for Stil de grain; Cyprus Umber Medium and Bone Black. Save $23.25 on the palette before February 29, 2020.

Read the complete translation of chapter four of Les Eleméns de la Peinture Pratique: 17th Century Flesh Tone Palette.

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