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Regalrez 1094 is a low molecular weight synthetic resin which makes a varnish with a refractive index similar to dammar and other natural resin varnishes. Varnish made with Regalrez produces a very smooth surface that reduces light scattering at the surface. This results in higher gloss and more saturated colors.

Regalrez® 1094 hydrocarbon resin is produced by polymerization and hydrogenation of pure monomer hydrocarbon feedstocks. Regalrez® 1094 is a highly stable, light colored, low molecular weight, nonpolar resin suggested for use in plastics,, adhesives, coatings, sealants, and caulks. Regalrez® 1094 is especially suited to applications where the lowest color and most stability against weathering and thermal degradation is required. Regalrez® 1094 is suggested for use in elastomeric sealants and adhesives tapes where outdoor exposure will occur or where clarity and resistance to yellowing is a requirement. Regalrez® 1094 contains no added antioxidants or UV stabilizers.

Softening range (DIN 53180)  °C95°C
Iodine color (DIN 6162) max. 3
Acid value (ISO 3682, DIN 53402)mg KOH/gmax. 3
Density @ 20 °C (ISO 2811, DIN 53217)g/cm30.99
Hydroxyl value (ISO 4629)mg KOH/gapprox. 40
Saponification value (ISO 3681, DIN 53401)mg KOH/gapprox. 50
Glass transition temperature Tg (DSC)°C40°C


Regalrez® 1094 is soluble in aliphatic and aromatic solvents, C5 and higher esters and ketones. It is insoluble in glycol ethers, glycol ether esters, and alcohols. For low/zero VOC systems Regalrez® 1094 is soluble in t-butyl acetate and perchlorobenzenetetrafluoride (PCBTC) and will tolerate some acetone and/or methyl acetate as a diluent in solvent blends based on TBA and/or PCBTF.


Regalrez® 1094 is compatible with polyethylene, polypropylene, natural rubber, EPDM, butyl rubber, ethylene propylene copolymers and the isoprene, ethylene-propylene and ethylene-butylene midblocks of SIS and SEPS, and SEBS block copolymers. Regalrez® 1094 can be used with EVA copolymers with less than 20% vinyl acetate, paraffin, microcrystalline and polyolefin waxes.


Reglarez 1094 is especially suited to applications where the lowest color and most stability against weathering as well as thermal degradation is required. In art it is used as a final picture varnish in solution with mineral spirits. It is used in proportions from 20 to 30%. For example, 25 grams of the resin is weighed and added to 100 milliliters of solvent. Always disoolve the resin at room temperature. Do not heat the solvent to hasten solution.


Flaked forms of resins are prone to gradual oxidation, some more than others. This could result in darkening and/or it could have an adverse effect on the solubility of the resin in organic solvents or on its compatibility with polymers. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that strict control of inventory be observed at all time, taking care that the oldest material is used first.

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Regalrez 1094 100g
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