Silver Pearlescent Pigment

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Silver Pearlescent is a bright silver pearlescent with a high luster. FDA approved

Rublev Colours Silver Pearlescent pigment consists of mica that has been coated with titanium dioxide. FDA approved. The thickness and the coarseness of the particle determines the sparkle of the pigment, resulting in a metallic silver appearance.


Mica pearlescent pigments are synthetic pigments manufactured from mica, titanium dioxide, and metal oxides.

Pearlescent Pigments are Affected by Background

Due to their inherent transparency, the color of pearlescent pigments can be affected by the color of the material over which they are applied. When it is on a white background, the transmission color can be seen at all angles, and the interference color is not obvious. When it is on a black or dark substrate, the transmission color is adsorbed by the substrate, and the interference color is strong and bright at the specular angle. At the specular angle, the interference color is observed. At diffuse angles, the complementary color of that interference color is seen because the light is transmitted through the film.

Permanence and Compatibility

Mica pearlescent pigments are synthetic pigments of varying colors that have not been rated for lightfastness ac cording to artist materials standards of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM International), but are considered to be extremely lightfast. Mica pearlescent pigments are compatible with all pigments, and resist acids and alkalis and withstand high temperatures.

Oil Absorption and Grinding

Pearlescent pigments absorb a high amount of oil (65 to 100 grams per 100 grams of pigment), which may slow the drying of oil paint and hence makes a moderate to slow drying oil color. It disperses well in both oil and water-based paints and is easier to mull due its large particle size.


Pearlescent pigments are not considered toxic, but care should be used in handling the pigment to avoid inhaling powder.

Read More About Pearlescent Pigments

Learn how pearlescent pigments work in the article, Pearlescent Pigments—How They Work.

Pigment Information
Color:Silver White
Particle Size:10–125 microns
Titanium Dioxide Type:Anatase
Titanium Dioxide Content:11–21%
Mica Content:79–89%
ASTM Lightfastness Rating
Acrylic:Not Listed
Oil:Not Listed
Watercolor:Not Listed
Density:2.6–3.2 g/cm2
Bulk Density:12–16 g/cm2
Oil Absorption:65–100 g oil / 100 g pigment
Particle Size:10–125 microns
pH Range:6–11
Heat Stability:1470°F (800°C)
More Information
BrandRublev Colours
VendorNatural Pigments
Processing TimeUsually ships the next business day.
Pigment TypeInorganic, Synthetic

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Silver Pearlescent Pigment
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